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Sandra Fletcher

Leadership & Empowerment Coach. Speaker. Entrepreneur

Sandra is known for building a community of leaders who excel professionally, lead with resilience, and live empowered lives. Believing that when leaders own their brilliance, courage and bravery, they become change-makers and shift paradigms that impact the communities around them. As a coach and speaker she is regarded as authentic, thought-provoking and empowering. Her “real talk” allows for her clients and audiences to easily connect with her and relate to the stories and struggles women go through professionally and personally.

Currently she offers 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and facilitation. Most recently, she's been collaborating and creating leadership initiatives focused on authentic, courageous, and inclusive leadership. Her work includes leadership and empowerment group coaching programs, Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness coaching and workshops, and team development programs. She loves co-creating custom tailored programs to meet the needs of your teams and organizations.

She started ALIGN Coaching & Consulting in 2019 and is a Co-Active trained coach, certified as a Positive Intelligence Coach and has an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through ICF. Prior to her coaching practice, She was the Director of a coaching and professional development program at the University of Arizona. During her time at the University, she participated in the Cognitive Based Compassion Training (CBCT) offered through the Emory-Tibet Partnership at Emory University, and has countless hours of training, facilitation and speaking. She served as a Community Relations Manager for the New York City Comptroller’s Office and as Policy Analyst for one of the largest New York City Latino non-for-profit organizations.


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