1:1 Coaching

Coaching is about reclaiming your life. It's deciding you will no longer live your life on auto-pilot and are ready to awaken your potential, amazing talents, and wisdom in order to create the life you truly want.

As your coach, we will explore not only what you want to have more of, but what gets in the way. We will create new practices that will sustain your transformation, outline a course of action,  and declare victories. There is encouragement and accountability every step of the way. Are you ready to choose YOU!


I'm a strong believer that group work transforms individuals and helps create community.

My workshops offer powerful ways to connect with individuals, spark creativity, and learn valuable tools for living more intentionally. Each is designed to empower you through engaging activities, reflective discussions, and insightful guidance. Let's connect and explore

what workshops work best for you.


After years of "trying to figure it out" on my own and experiencing a series of life events, I knew I had to make a decision about my life. So when I finally became a life coach and entrepreneur, I knew I had found my passion and purpose in life.

It did not come easy, but as a woman of faith and passion, I hustled, I endured, and I committed to continuing to learn and grow. Through storytelling we can change a person's life. So I share my stories, I teach, and I offer my heart. Let's connect and discuss how I can be a part of your community. 


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