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Leading is more than a technique or skill. It’s BEING an individual who is confident in their wisdom, humble in their skills and gifts, and ready to rise and lead wholeheartedly.

Rise to Lead was created for the women who are being called to lead. Women who are passionate about their impact and believe that leadership is about building community and connections.


As women, you have the ability to create powerful experiences by confidently owning your gifts, talents and power, what I call your SAGE. During this journey, you will focus on developing who you are as a leader by discovering what your unique leadership DNA is and how you use it to empower yourself and others.

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  • Participate in the Positive Intelligence (PQ) 6 week program, a journey designed to build your awareness around sabotaging behaviors and beliefs and equip you with the tools and practices to quickly access your logic, strategy, creativity and innovation.

  • Explore your top 5 CliftonStrengths qualities and examine how your top saboteurs weaken and dim those strengths. (You will have access to take the CliftonStrengths and PQ Saboteur assessments during the program).

  • Understand the “Being” vs “Doing” part of leadership and learn to develop the BEING part of your leadership qualities and define your style.

  • Discover what your Leadership DNA is through values mapping and how to protect your values through healthy boundaries.

  • Own your Sage by developing a belief system that honors your sage powers and your wholehearted leadership spirit.

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