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this is where woman are redefining empowerment

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The Empowered Way program is designed to help you get clear about the story and habits holding YOU back from truly being the EMPOWERED WOMAN you are.

I hear it all the time, "I feel like I've lost myself" or "I just wish I could be more confident in myself" or I feel like I'm just not good enough".



Where women live in a space of "not being enough" for themselves and their life. WELL I SAY NO MORE!

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are you ready to put you first?

It's not easy getting to a point in life where you realize that you do everything for everyone else except for yourself. And after time, you feel like you've just lost yourself. You've become this person that doesn't even know what she wants or needs in her life.

The negative self-talk begins to take up a lot of space in your life and it feels like your stuck, unsure of how to move forward and be the woman you wish you could be.

"Getting a clear vision of my story was so eye opening for me...the tools have given me a better understanding of my mindset and I have been able to use these tools constantly."

- Program Participant

"This program gave me hope and to believe in me again. I feel renewed, like I can take on the world. It helped me to define what happiness means to me."

- Program Participant

being empowered

I have been working and supporting women find clarity in their life and reconnect with their courage, wisdom and confidence to live more of the life they want. And now I want to share some of this amazing work with you.


The EMPOWERED WAY program is based on a 8 week curriculum where I teach a new topic weekly and give you the space to learn, explore and challenge yourself to break free from the story and habits holding YOU back from truly being the empowered woman you are.

During this program, you will experience breakthroughs and receive tools, support, and the accountability you need to help you finally define your empowered self and own it with confidence. Click here to set up a time to speak with me and learn more.

So tell me how I can be a part of this program?

I finally want to feel more empowered!

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here's what to expect

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How to identify the story and behaviors limiting me from really showing up as the confident and empowered woman I am.

To shift my mindset and connect with the best parts of me so I can finally feel empowered.

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Valuable tools to help me become more self aware of the negative self-talk and how to manage it.

Practices that will help me overcome road-blocks and embrace the power I have to choose how I live my life.



An action plan designed by me to help me truly create transformation and begin living a more empowered life.

A community of women who support, encourage and love me.

What are the program details?



* 8 weekly live video calls you can do from anywhere. Calls are schedule for 2 hours but may be less.

* 1 private 60 minute coaching session with me to further explore and focus specifically on your learning experience.

While not included in the cost, I will offer a 2-3 day retreat in Northern VA where you will deepen your learning, connect with your community of women, and celebrate your empowered self. More details offered during the program. (Due to COVID these are suspended for now)

* Sign up to know when the next session gets started.


* We meet weekly on the same day for the 8 weeks.

* Each video call is schedule for 2 hours but may be less.


* All sessions are recorded should you miss one.


* I'm sure you want to make sure this is the right program for you, and so do I.

* Schedule a call with me below to discuss the program and cost.

* I do offer payment plans and have ensured that every participant is able to join regardless of financial obstacles.

I want to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

Set up a call with me today to learn more about the program.

Pictures from the 2019 Spring and Winter session and retreats.

it's your turn!

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