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Redefining who leaders can

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what defines your leadership?

I am a Leadership & Team Coach who helps leaders discover what their unique leadership DNA is and how to leverage those strengths and skills to excel through innovation and build human-centered cultures.

Leadership is often recognized by the tasks and results a leader can achieve, and while being results-driven is key, we often miss opportunities to build what I call Courageous Leaders. These are leaders who are able to create innovative and human-centered cultures and systems that excel collectively and effectively.


Leaders have the capacity to influence, create, and design new ways of conducting business. Are you a leader worth following?

I invite you to discover how you can redefine your leadership.

You can feel her passion for helping women succeed in everything they do. My experience with her has been eyeopening. I am forever grateful for everything she has taught me about empowering myself!

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what I do

1:1 Coaching

Together we work to discover your unique leadership DNA and how you leverage your strengths and skills to lead courageously.

Team Development
& Coaching

For teams looking to rebuild connections, leadership and performance.

Facilitation & Speaking

Creating impact through engaging and interactive experiences that encourage innovation and growth.

I have worked, spoken, facilitated and partnered with...

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Jodaine D.

I first came to Sandra not knowing what I wanted for myself. Feeling like I wanted clarity on who I am. During our work, I learned to live free from the negative chatter. My awareness has helped me realize I am more than the stories I have been believing. I found who I am as an empowered woman and I live a fulfilling life today.

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Jen M.

I am so grateful to have met Sandra during a difficult moment in my life. With her guidance and support I was able to re-evaluate different factors in my life and have a different perspective on how to change the narrative that I was fighting for years. In only a short amount of time, I can truly say, I feel and think differently and continue to do the exercises Sandra had recommended. I would recommend her to everyone I know, she was God sent.


Liz T.

Sandra has given me the tools, to dig deep and see my true self that has been there all along, but was too afraid and ashamed to show. I am not living with constant negative thoughts and feelings that have weighed me down for so long. My self awareness has become an important tool in my day to day life. I am forever grateful to Sandra. As I continue this journey, I know that I will never look back on what I believed about myself. Instead I get excited because I know the best version of me, is the one who will show up in everything I do in my life.    

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Higher Education Professional

Pursuing coaching with Sandra Fletcher has been one of the most meaningful self discovery experiences I’ve had in recent years. One of the biggest changes for me was that I became more aware of the narratives I construct for myself and my experiences. The coaching sessions helped me to see how my perfectionist tendencies and behaviors have resulted in this false narrative that I apply to my work and personal life. Honestly, I didn’t want the sessions to end.

Here's what I've learned about leadership...

Leadership is a choice. You have to commit to not only being efficient at what you do but you must choose to lead courageously and that requires authenticity and leading wholehearted.

Leadership can be scary. When you now have members on your team depending on you, it can feel overwhelming. You may question if you're good enough, ready enough, skilled enough to lead without failure.

Leadership is a journey. Many believe that you "arrive" to a place that makes you a great leader but that denies you the opportunity to grow, learn and inspire innovation.

Want to learn what your leadership DNA is?



You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can't have both
Brene Brown

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